Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First What I Wore Wednesday

Back in my younger days I kinda knew a thing or two about fashion and style. Now that I'm a SAHM my ways are totally lacking. My wardrobe seems to only get updated on holidays or when Sissy cleans out her closet. I'm pretty darn sick of looking frumpy and not cute! MnM tells me on almost a weekly basis that I need to go on "What Not To Wear". I've decided to join The Pleated Poppy WIWW weekly link party. I think this will be a great way to challenge myself to make more of an effort with what I'm wearing. I have no idea anymore what is styling or cute. This could be very interesting!

Saturday- Went to the grocery store.
Shirt- Old Navy
Shorts- Target
Flip Flops- Old Navy

Sunday- Church
Shrug- Sears
Dress- Wal*Mart
Under Shirt- Modbe
Shoes- Nordstrom
Bracelet- Lia Sophia

Monday- Had a Doctor appointment.
Tank- Kohl's
Under Shirt- Modbe
Jeans- Kohl's
Shoes- Nordstrom

Tuesday- Took a tour of our State Capitol with the kiddos.
Top- Modbe
Under Tank- Aero
Pants- American Eagle
Shoes- Vans from Journeys

Wednesday- Lots of errands.
Top- Kohl's
Under Tank- Aero
Jeans- Gap
Flip Flops- Target

pleated poppy


  1. Never would've guessed that was a Walmart dress... Super cute. Also, I love that you, me, and sissy all have the same modbe top-- I have it in two colors actually. Love it

  2. Such a cute dress! I live in dresses when Summer comes around!

  3. I LOVE the pink dress with the shrug over it! You found it at WALMART??? I'm going to go searching!! Lol. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I really like the black and pink shirts too.


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