Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I've been slacking in the WIWW posts. To be honest I haven't been wearing anything lately worth taking a picture of. The pictures I have are from the past few weeks when I did do something with myself. Which still isn't saying much.

Shirt- Modbe, refashioned by me
Lace under- Kohls
Shorts- Nordstrom
Flip Flops- Old Navy

Grocery store
Black under- Modbe
Tank- Target
Jeans- Gap
Flip Flops- Old Navy

Doctor appointment
Under- Old Navy
Tank- From Sissy
Belt- Old Navy
Shorts- Nordstrom
Flip Flops- Target

Book club
Cardi- Target
Tanks- Old Navy
Jeans- Kohls
Wedges- Nordstrom

pleated poppy

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