Sunday, January 23, 2011

Felt Flower Ball

I first saw this idea over at The Idea Room. She did a super cute wreath, topiary, and hanging balls. My cousin decided to try some for her house. They turned out so cute that I decided to try one too! I did a ball. I didn't read the directions first on how much felt to buy.  (Note to self always read the instructions. Hence why they are there.) I went to Wally World and bought 4 of the pre-cutout felt sheets and a bag that came with two Styrofoam balls.

I cut the felt into a flower shape instead of a circle. I then cut the flower in half and then half again. I wanted them to not be perfect circles. I took the bottom and folded it over so that it was kinda in a triangle shape. Then you take straight pins and put them through the tip of the felt and into the styrofoam. I didn't end up using all the shapes so I have some leftover for a future project! I probably only needed three sheets instead of 4.

I LOVE how it turned out! I'm going to use the extra ball and make a purple or yellow one for Easter.

Total cost for one ball $2.50


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