Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 1

First I have to say that I'm actually super excited to be doing this. My little house has been super neglected. I'm also kind of embarrassed to show you pictures of some of these tasks. Hopefully I won't loose any followers during this mission.

Day 1 in the spring cleaning challenge with Ask Anna was to take  down all your curtains and wash them. While they were washing clean off your blinds or shutters. The final step was to iron your so fresh and so clean curtains. 
Eww look at all the dust on these poor little drapes.

 Before: This was by far the worst window in the house. Gross gross!!

After: Nice and clean.

Unfortunately for me we have 8 covered windows in our house. Some of which haven't been deep cleaned in who knows how long. This task took me a total of two days. I split up the windows so I didn't get overwhelmed. Although this was kind of time consuming I'm so happy I did it! I have one more day left to complete the second task. This one has been even more daunting wish me luck!


  1. That looks awesome! Good job. :)


  2. Oh man! I totally wanna do this with you but I'm scared! I have a bazillion windows!! haha


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