Thursday, October 27, 2011

Flashback Costumes

When it comes to Halloween I'm not one to usually dress up. When I do dress up it seems I go for the embarrassing, "what was I thinking" costumes.

Three years ago me and some friends from work were dogs. We had matching belts and dog tags. I can't seem to find my picture but it was awesome! That same year me and my Sissy were zombies. Again no picture but totally awesome.

Two years ago my cousins had a Halloween party. They invited me and my Sissy to it. I borrowed one of my favorite costumes of my Sissy's and was a jar of salsa.

Last year we dressed up for our bunco group. I made my own costume and went as a box of cereal. I got this idea from The View's Elizabeth Hasselbeck. My cousin also made her own costume! She went as an oven with a bun baking (she was prego). She of course won for best costume!!

This year I don't think I have anything to dress up for. I do have a costume ready to go though if I need one. Once again I will probably look back and wonder what I was thinking?!


  1. if I ever have a baby... I'm totally stealing Mandy's idea! Love it!

  2. I vote next year we have a Halloween party so we have something to dress up for. I know our hubbys aren't fans, but I think it is fun :)

    Love your pictures!


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