Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September Book Club Selection/Review

Was it just me or did September come and go crazy fast. I somehow missed posting the book club book that was chosen. My Sis was in charge this month and picked Key Lime Pie Murder by Joann Fluke. I LOVE the Hannah Swensen Murder She Baked series!! If you haven't read any of the Murder She Baked books I recommend them. They are super easy reads that aren't scary or sad. I also love that they have recipes scattered throughout!

I suggested this book to my Sis. I forgot that of the series, this one wasn't my favorite. I think there are a couple others that are much better. After I started reading the book I called my Sis and told her to pick a different one. I thought that everyone would get super bored and not even want to finish reading. Even though there wasn't a huge turnout this month on discussion day, it seemed like everyone liked it. Key Lime Pie Murder takes place during the county fair time. Hannah is a judge for the cooking competition at the fair. A murder takes place on the fair grounds. Hannah finds the body and starts a search for the murderer.

Key Lime Pie Murder isn't quite as suspenseful as the others in the series. That's probably why it isn't my favorite. I would give this particular book (even though I LOVE the series) 2.5 stars. If you are wanting a super good one to read pick up Peach Cobbler Murder, Cherry Cheesecake Murder, Cream Puff Murder, or for a fun holiday one try Sugar Cookie Murder, or Plum Pudding Murder.

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