Thursday, January 20, 2011

At Home Drive-In and Paper Bag Puppets

Since it still is a bit chilly in our neck of the woods I thought I'd share a few more fun kids crafts. I found a really fun idea at Tip Junkie to make a drive-in theater at home. I took 4 boxes and hot glued them together. I also cut the box down so it wasn't so tall. I did one car to fit both kiddos. Once their car was built they went to town on the decorating. They each got their own sides to decorate with markers and scrapbook paper. Paper plates came in handy for the wheels on the car and a personal steering wheel for both of them. After the car was complete it got filled with pillows and blankets to make it more cozy for movie watching. We will FOR SURE be doing this again. The kids both LOVED it!!

Another simple activity for rainy and cold days is take brown lunch bags and make hand puppets. We took the bags and made our own Goldilocks and the three bears puppets. MnM had so much fun with this craft. She actually did most of the cutting, decorating, and gluing. Once the bags were done I set up TV trays and put a sheet over the top of them for our own little puppet stage. The kids went behind the TV trays and I read the story while they held up the puppets. They were so excited to put on their play for Daddy when he got home from work.

The best thing about both of these activities was there was no cost involved! I used things for both that I already had on hand. There are tons of fun things to do when the weather is crappy with a little imagination!

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