Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Thrifty Finds

I found some awesome finds on my latest trip to the thrift store! I have been looking for a bread box for awhile but I needed a big one. Our Old Mac isn't really a farmer but a bread man. Our bread supply is overflowing at times. I found a perfect box for only $3! I haven't decided yet if it needs to be painted or not. If I do it will probably end up black.

I also found a organizer system for the kitchen counter by the phone. It was only $1!! I was super excited to get home and organize my counter top. It was OUT OF CONTROL. This one for sure needs to painted I just don't know what color. My silly brain keeps telling me it needs to be cherry red. That isn't saying much though because my silly brain thinks everything would be better cherry red. Decisions, decisions.

Total cost for the bread box and organizer $4

I have some family members who are squeamish about thrift shopping. I admit at times I am too but it is super worth it!! I found a really good post about tips for thrifting by Bonnie at Drab to Fab click here and read what she has to say.

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