Sunday, January 16, 2011

Barbie's Crib

I came across a genius idea for a barbie house on A girl and a glue gun (another one of my favorite blogs.) C Mac and I decided it would be an awesome gift for our little girls Birthday. My Dad gave us the bookcase that already had the dividers for the rooms. We started by looking at our local thrift stores for furniture and anything that was barbie sized. We scored big time with a folding house that was marked down to $10. The structure was falling apart so we C Mac took apart the house for parts we wanted to use. We also scored because it had electronic parts that light up and make noises and the best part worked.

We used scrapbook paper and spray adhesive for the walls. I took paint swatches from our nearest hardware store and made a  tile wall for the bathroom. We had leftover carpet that we nailed to the floor. The tiles in the kitchen and bathroom were from a stack of  tiles that we scored for $5. C Mac cut them down so they looked like real tiles and we hot glued them on. I found Barbie socks at the dollar store. I cut them up and made them into throw pillows for the bed.

This house is still a work in progress. I have to finish sewing the bedspread. I have curtains that I need to hang in the kitchen. I also need to sew pillows for the couch in the family room. Another fun thing Kim did was had Barbie pictures hanging throughout the house. I found some cute Barbie books and I'm going to cut out the pictures for the walls. I have also since seen a really cool one at All Things Thrifty.

This was such a cheap alternative to the ones they sell in the stores. It was a fun project for me and Old Mac to do together. MnM was ecstatic when she found out what her present was. I think she was also thrilled  with her other present from us, because no Barbie house would be complete without a dog, cat, and Ken. LOL

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  1. turned out awesome! I love it! little jealous of your awesome find of furniture!


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