Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tooth Bag

The boringish before

The way more better after
 About a year ago MnM's teeth started to get super loose. I decided to start looking on the web for a pillow or bag, something that she could put her teeth in for the tooth fairy. I found the perfect thing at The Purl Bee. The bag looked super easy to make but was all hand sewn. Since I don't know how to sew, let alone hand sew, I went to the Make It and Love It website. Sure enough there was hand sewing tips on there that helped with my dilemma. When I had the bag finished MnM said, "Mom that is way to boringish". Off to the craft tote we went and found some buttons and puff paints to make it "non boringish". The bag was finished just in time for the tooth fairy to make her first visit.

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