Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stop (collaborate and listen)

Little SMac had a car themed nursery. I was on a hunt for some inexpensive street signs for his room. I had no such luck. I saw some darling vinyls at RC Willey but they wanted an outrageous amount. I decided to turn on my thinking cap and called in the help of my Daddy. My Dad is an amazingly talented man who gets it from his amazingly talented Dad (aka Gramps). Dad went to his stack of scrap papers and had just what I was looking for. He found some super thick scraps of board, kinda like foam board only not as thick. I had him make me some street signs and they turned out better than I pictured!! They are even better than the ones from RC Willey. We have since put little SMac into a Toy Story big boy bed but I couldn't take down the street signs. I think he will have to have them in his room FOREVVVER (said in best Sandlot voice).  Lots of thanks to my Dad who saved the day!!

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