Friday, January 14, 2011

Little girl re-fashion2

Another Make It and Love It idea that I had to do was taking an old skirt of mine and making it into a skirt for MnM. If you read my last re-fashion post then you know my issues I have with sewing. This one was pretty easy (even for me) to follow. I had to put in an elastic waist and shorten the length to fit little diva.

It turned out way better than I was expecting! I get nervous still every time I sew so when something turns out it's a happy day on the crazy farm. Pro sewers would for sure see the errors right off the bat but again I was pretty proud of myself. I actually took the skirt out to the man cave (aka C Mac's second home aka the garage) to show him my completed project. C Mac gave me a high five. You know you've done something cool when you get a high five from C Mac. MnM was so excited when I showed her the skirt. She had to wear it to church that next Sunday. Is it lame if I (months later) pat myself on the back?? Again?? LOL

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