Friday, January 14, 2011

TTI (The Time I)...fell in love with a table

On one of the many adventures to the thrift store we found our kitchen table. There was a lady who was looking at it and had called a worker over. I knew I wanted it so I stayed close by and was keeping an eye on the situation. I seriously felt like a gangster/stalker just standing there and "secretly" watching. I decided it was a loss and we headed to the registers. When we were heading to car I noticed the lady walk out of the building with nothing in her hands. Not that she was going to carry the table out on her back but the gangster/stalker in me didn't even see a receipt in her hands. I told C Mac that we needed to go back in and see if it had a "Sold" tag on it. He agreed and we went back in.

I saw the worker at the register that was assisting the other lady and asked him if she ended up purchasing the table. When he told me no I was crazy excited he probably thought I was nuts. I sped walked back to the table before someone else could claim it. We went back and looked at the table and $125 later it was ours.

Before: EWWW

After: AHHH
The table was in great shape except for the cushions on the chairs. I went to Joann's a couple days later and bought some fabric to re-cover them. I bought extra material so that I could have a matching valance for the kitchen windows. I saw a great idea at Keeping it Simple. She has young kids also and had covered her chairs in plastic vinyl after the new material was on. With the help of Aunt Miss they turned out wonderful! They are so great to clean up and the material is as purdy today as it was the day I did them. 

Me and Sis doing our thang with power tools. Gotta love the hole in
my cami and the double chin I got goin' on. I'm always "keepin it real" folks!
 So there you have it my TTI story about my table. Give yourself a pat on the back if you know what TV channel does TTI's. LOL


  1. Great job on keeping your eye out for this beauty! $125 is a great price for a dining table! I love what you've done with it!! Thanks for linking it up at Sassy Sites for our Trash to Treasure Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo!


  2. Fabulous job! Seriously my first chair redo was a total bomb! This is amazing! Thanks for linking up! Have a fabulous weekend!
    Bon @ Drab to Fab

  3. I rescued a chair that looks just like yours. I LOVE it! I just wish that I had more! Love the table too! Visiting from Drab to Fab's Chair makeovers! :)

  4. Ok, I almost fell over when I saw these chairs...I did the EXACT same thing with my kitchen table chairs. When I say EXACT, I used the exact same fabric, AND covered them in plastic! Great minds think alike;) I'll have to take pictures to show you:)


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