Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy Bee

Romance- Love is in the air and it's pooping on my head.
 Thanks you always brighten my day :)
 I don't know about you but every time after the holiday season is done I am so relieved that things will start slowing down at our house. Every year I realize that early spring is just as crazy if not sometimes worse than the holidays. I've decided that we are just busy people. Which I like. I LOVE having routines and schedules. Although sometimes it is nice to have nowhere to be and nothing to do. With Valentines quickly approaching on Monday we have a busy little weekend ahead of us. Good news for you it's mostly craft stuff. That means lots of posts in the next few days!! To give you a sneak here is what I need to accomplish:
  1. Make the kiddos their Valentine from Mom and Dad.
  2. Secret sister gift for dance.
  3. Valentines handouts for school and dance.
  4. Teacher gifts x5.
It doesn't look like a ton, but considering I only have until Monday I don't have tons of time left. Keep checking back in the next few days I have lots to post AND my little blog turns 1 month old on Monday. I might have a little surprise up my sleeve :)

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