Friday, February 11, 2011

The End of an Era

If you take a look at the side of my blog page you'll see a few blog buttons I have. Even though I try to be sneaky I think it's pretty obvious the state that the Macs live in. We are a BIG basketball loving fam at our house. If you live in the same state as us or watch sports TV, you know that Jerry Sloan has stepped down as head coach of our Utah Jazz. Old Mac came home from work last night in a not so great mood. I don't look forward to watching the game tonight with him. Let's just say it won't be fun. (Unless of course they win). When I was little my Dad took me on a Daddy Daughter date to Ruby River Steakhouse. The night that we went Jerry and his late wife Bobby happened to be sitting at the table across from us. I remember being so star struck and couldn't believe that I was sitting across from a celebrity (that's what I think of him as anyway). Jerry you will be greatly missed by many people!! It really is the end of a pretty great era!!


  1. I was so sad as well. We went to a preseason game last year and sat 4 rows behind the Jazz I was pretty star struck.


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