Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little SMacs dresser

When I was still baking my ginormous bun in the oven prego with the little dude. We scored BIG time on a dresser. A guy that Old Mac works with was clearing out some old furniture and didn't want a dresser anymore. They gave it to us for free!! This family not only gave us their dresser for free but they also gave us a wooden swing set for free too. I know talk about luck!! (I'll post pictures of the swing set when it warms up) The dresser was in great shape it just needed a bit of a paint job and knobs. Due to the fact that I was ginormous 38 weeks prego, this was a job for Old Mac. He painted the dresser for me and did a fantastic job! He realized after it was painted that we forgot to take a before picture. We picked out the wood knobs from Lowe's intending to paint them the same white as the dresser. Once we got them home I liked the contrasting look and decided we should keep them the way they were. When little SMac was still a wee babe, we had a changing pad on the top of the dresser to change his little bum. I love love his dresser!! My favorite part is the little door that opens on the side. Too cute!!

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