Thursday, February 10, 2011

Duh Moment x2

All those magnets that get sent with the phonebooks, doctors office, other misc. mumbo jumbo can really become an eye sore on the fridge. I saw a GREAT idea while searching on Make It and Love It. Ashley took fabric and mod podged it onto the magnet. Isn't that so clever! When I saw this the first thing I said was, "Duh". I'm not really in with the times so I don't even know if you can say duh past Junior High, but I did. I didn't have any mod podge or fabric scraps that would work so I had to improvise. I used scrapbook paper and my glue gun. I love having pretty paper to look at instead of the number for the heating man.

My next duh moment happened while looking at Sister's Stuff. They showed an easy peasy way to clean your lamp shades. Take a lint roller and roll the dust off. Again I saw this and thought, "Duh". I then felt pretty stupid because that should have been a no brainer I guess. I was before using my vacuum attachment and it was a

Have you had any "Duh Moments" in blogland. I'd love to hear them!!

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  1. I love the magnet idea. So cute! And I had never thought of it before either. Thanks for sharing.


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