Monday, March 7, 2011

February Thrifty Finds

Shockingly I haven't been finding very much on my latest thrifting trips. I have some things though that I forgot to post from last month.

Family board $2- I am going to put together a picture wall and this will work perfect with it.

Magazine holders $2 for both- My magazine area was OUT OF CONTROL this cleaned it up tons. I will eventually spray paint them but frankly I was too lazy.

Jewelery Box for MnM $3- MnM was in need of a different jewelery box so she could actually see her things. This little one works perfect on her desk.

Long mirror $5- This was my favorite find. I LOVE this mirror. The frame around it is super super cute.


  1. Those are some good finds. I wish I could find deals like those.

  2. Me neither. It's been rather disappointing.

    I was stopping by to support those sponsoring the Spring Fling. I'm following you now.

    Join us for Throwback Thursday parties and Fashion Fridays.


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