Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our New Favorite Store Thanks To Batchelor's Way

I hope you all have taken a minute and stopped by the blogs I spotlighted. I'm going to be talking about them all lots more! Ronda from Batchelor's Way is always finding AMAZING deals. One of the stores that she is always talking about is the ReStore. I had no idea what it was or where it was. For those of you in my same boat, it's a store that has tons of home improvement supplies for awesome prices. The items in the store have all been donated from various places. The cool thing is that all the money the store makes goes to support Habitat For Humanity in your area.

I've been wanting to check it out for months but it took convincing on the hubs part. We finally went there and will for sure be going back! We scored 4 drawer knobs for our bathroom at $1 a piece. That is such a great deal!

Before: Brass/Wood

After: Brushed Nickel

My advice if you are wanting to go and check it out too is do your homework around your house first. With all the items being donated they may not have exactly what you are looking for. In the event they do though you'll want to be prepared. There were lots of things we both saw and totally would've taken home with us but didn't
know the right stuff. (Now I have NKOTB stuck in my head). You'll want measurements on hand for where the item is going, a tape measure to make sure it will fit, and a truck.

They have everything from knobs, doors, light fixtures, trim, windows, cabinet doors, sinks, toilets, faucets. The store is
always changing since it's based off donations. It's kinda hit and miss. I personally think though it's a total must!!

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