Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 2: Part 1

The Spring Cleaning Challenge with Ask Anna is now over. Sadly I wasn't able to complete this challenge by the deadline. Even though I may not have done the tasks by the cutoff I still plan on doing all of them. With the craziness that's been at the Mac house I had to take the tasks a little slower.

Day 2 of the Spring Cleaning Challenge was dusting. You were supposed to dust and wash all your ceiling fans. Remove everything from your bookcases, entertainment consoles, and kitchen cabinets and dust. This task was one that I certainly wasn't looking forward to!

I started with the ceiling fans. Mine were horrible so I actually unscrewed the blades and light covers and put them in the sink with hot soapy water. I realized after I had two done that I forgot to take before pictures. These are of two different fans. ( I can't believe I'm actually going to post these pictures.)
Master Bedroom before

Family Room after

The next challenge was the bookcases. We had a total of 4 bookcases and one entertainment center. This task made me realize that some of our bookcases weren't very functional and more of a waste of space. We had a large bookcase in our basement for movies. It took up a lot of room. We decided to move that out and got an unused dresser from Old Macs Mom. It works so much better!

We also had a bookcase in the office for board games. Because they were on a bookcase Little Smac was able to reach them all. This room always was a huge mess. I realized that Old Mac had some of his clothes in an armoire. I decided that would be much better for the games to keep them out of reach. 

While we were at it, we decided to get rid of our office and let it be a playroom for the kiddos. I was tired of the messes from toys in their rooms. We took two bookcases and gave each kiddo their own.

I don't know the last time I moved the DVD player, receiver, and cable box and dusted under them. I take the cheaters way out and dust around them. Honestly it took me like 5 minutes max. I'm pretty embarrassed that this isn't a regular thing on my list.
Ewww that is super gross!!!!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this task where I will be cleaning out my kitchen cabinets.

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  1. Awesome! Great job. It's never to late to complete your spring cleaning. :)



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