Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Temple Blocks

I showed you all the last craft that I came up with for my wards Enrichment Night activity. We have our next day this month. They suggested that I come up with something for Easter. I saw the perfect idea at Lil' Luna.

Kristyn and her husband took a bunch of pictures of the temples for our church and antiqued them. She also posted instructions on how to put them together. We have had 34 people sign up for this activity. Most of the ladies are making more than one of these. (I actually made one for my sissy for part of her wedding shower gift.)

For the wood hubby suggested using mdf because it's cheaper and would work just as well. I bought one big sheet of it at Lowe's. We had the Lowe's guy cut the sheet into 7 inch wide strips. Old Mac cut the strips into the blocks at home. I even used a belt sander to sand them all down. I'm super excited for our craft night this month!! I can't wait to see how all the blocks turn out!

 This craft ended up being about $2 a block.


  1. SO cute!!! I'm going to make me one :)

  2. Looove it! So glad they turned out and that you had so many people come. :)


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