Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Idea

We had an early Father's Day dinner last night at my Sissy and her new hubby's house. My Dad is a pretty amazing guy. He also happens to be a Diet Coke junkie. The super cute Allison from Oopsey Daisy posted a darling idea for a coke tag.

I was going to try something similar but forgot my printer is totally out of ink. I decided to trace the kiddos hands and let them color it. Little SMac said, "I think Grandpa likes crazy". Hence why his is a crazy mess. My Dad seemed to love his gift. Hopefully a 24 pack will last him until the end of the week. Tee Hee.

Old Mac is sleeping in today which is rare for him these days. I will post what the kiddos do for him later. Happy Father's Day to all the amazing men out there!!

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  1. I love little miss's hand print! Fancy Nancy would totally approve :) cute idea!


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