Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Ideas Part 2

Old Mac doesn't like to have a big "to do" done for him for holidays. I think it's nice to be noticed though. Even if it's just a colored picture from the kids or funny card. This year MnM made things at school for Daddy. They made the covers for a candy bar and a card.

I also thought it would be fun to ask the kiddos questions about Daddy and see what their answers were. This was so funny!! If you haven't done something like this with your kiddos or even grand kids I highly recommend it! I found all my questions online HERE. Little SMac is almost three and was able to answer all the questions. Some were surprisingly accurate.

Here are some of the funny answers:
Q. Something Dad always says to you?
SMac- Dude
Q. What makes Dad happy?
MnM- Not working so much and not waiting for women.
Q. What makes Dad sad?
SMac- When he drinks ice cream.
Q. What is Dads favorite thing to do?
SMac- Watch T.V.
Q. What does Dad do when you aren't home?
MnM- Watch T.V.
Q. Where is Dads favorite place to go?
SMac- A restaurant. McDonald's

We are very lucky to have some wonderful men in our lives! Happy Father's Day to my Dad and my Hubby!

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  1. ahh, through the eyes of a child! too funny :) Guess I will need to invite old mac next time we take the kids to McDonalds!


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