Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm a Contestant!!!!!!!!

One of my all time favorite blogs is So You Think You're Crafty. I have been a big follower long before I started this little blog. I have always thought how cool it would be to actually be one of the contestants. Some of you may be wondering what is SYTYC???
SYTYC is a craft competition that lasts for 10 weeks. Each week there is a specific theme that the contestants have to do a craft around. There is also voting that takes place each week. The project with the lowest amount of votes gets sent home. The super cool part is anyone can vote! The other cool part is you don't know which contestant did which craft. The contestants aren't allowed to say which project is theirs. It's all anonymous.
If you follow me on facebook, I posted a link last week during the audition round. I asked everyone to go and vote for their favorite projects. It was a pretty tight race. I was on pins and needles all week. I'm happy to say though that I'm officially one of the contestants!! I'm so excited for this! I will be a part of Season 16 which starts on June 6. I will be posting reminders about the voting. After the voting is over I will post my projects over here.
My audition craft was the Summer Wreath. I will post a tutorial soon. Thanks to everyone that voted!!

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  1. I will vote every week! Hope I can figure out which cute creations are yours. How exciting :)


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